2022 NFL Playoff Picks: Championship Weekend


Rough weekend for me last weekend. I completely whiffed, going 0-4 in my picks for the Divisional Round. The standings have tightened up quite a bit in our family pick ’em tournament:

Joshua sits on top at 6-4 after taking the Chiefs.

Jason is 5-5. After a promising start in the opening round, I’m dropping fast.

Sunny is 4-6. She’ll need to pick opposite of Joshua and hope for upsets.

Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs

I can’t believe Cincinnati is in this game. I really thought the Titans were poised to play for the AFC Championship. Joshua and Lane and I can personally attest to how well the Bengal fans traveled to Nashville last weekend.

Sunny is taking the Bengals; Joshua has the Chiefs. As much as I need to take the upset, I just don’t see it happening here. I think the Chiefs are going to roll in this one. But I hope it’s a close one.

San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams

It’s all sunny California for the NFC Championship game. This one lacks some of the star power we were expecting: Garrapolo vs Stafford isn’t quite Brady vs. Rodgers. At any rate, I have to pick opposite of Joshua in order to gain ground. He and Sunny have the Rams; I’m taking San Fran. Hoping that Shannahan has another week of magic.

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