2022 MLB Division Round Picks

Well, I know nothing about baseball, apparently. I really don’t like this new playoff format. At least the series’ are a bit longer from here on out. Maybe things will play a bit truer. Here are the standings after round one of the playoffs:

Jackson 4-0

Sunny 2-2

Joshua 1-3

Jason 0-4

Abby Kate 0-4

I feel compelled to point out that Jackson made his picks based on the cities he likes the most. Anyway, I still have a chance to claw my way back into this thing. Here are our picks for the second round which begins today:

Seattle vs. Houston

Sunny: Seattle

Joshua: Houston

Jason: Houston

Abby Kate: Seattle

Jackson: Seattle

I’m really shocked Seattle knocked off the Jays; but then again, anything can happen in a two game set. It looks like Sunny and Jackson and AK are all in on the M’s. But I think Houston is a strong World Series contender. Picking chalk here.

Cleveland vs. New York

Sunny: Cleveland

Joshua: New York

Jason: New York

Abby Kate: New York

Jackson: New York

Sunny says Cleveland has better pitching, which is true. But it just seems like this Yankee team is destined to square off against the Astros in the LCS. Maybe the Guardians will play spoiler.

Philadelphia vs. Atlanta

Sunny: Philadelphia

Joshua: Atlanta

Jason: Atlanta

Abby Kate: Atlanta

Jackson: Philadelphia

I fully expect the Braves to feast on the Philly pitching staff in this series. Alex Anthopolous has built a dynasty over in Atlanta and this team is well positioned to defend their crown.

San Diego vs. Los Angeles

Sunny: Los Angeles

Joshua: Los Angeles

Jason: Los Angeles

Abby Kate: Los Angeles

Jackson: Los Angeles

Dodgers all the way in this one. Wouldn’t Mets / Dodgers have been a great matchup? Rematch of the ’88 NLCS.

So yeah, I’ve picked the top seeds to advance here, which never happens. With my Cardinals sitting it out from this point, I really want to see Yankees / Astros and Braves / Dodgers. What would be the worst matchup from this field? I’m saying Mariners / Phillies would be a pretty bland World Series. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

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