2022 MLB Wild Card Round Picks

I’m not sure I like this new playoff format. The owners got what they wanted (more playoff games = more revenue) but there was virtually no drama to the final week or so of the season. I hope that’s not a permanent thing under this new 12-team format.

Nevertheless, the playoffs start today and we’re making our picks. On the whole, we’re as much of a baseball family as anyone I know. I’m pretty sure my wife and daughter know more MLB players than yours. Not bragging, just stating the facts.

Tampa Bay vs. Cleveland

Sunny’s pick: Cleveland

Joshua’s pick: Cleveland

Jason’s pick: Tampa Bay

Abby Kate: Tampa Bay

Jackson: Cleveland

I have a feeling this one could go either way. Both teams are built on pitching. I just like Tampa a bit more.

Philadelphia vs. St. Louis

Sunny’s pick: St. Louis

Joshua’s pick: St. Louis

Jason’s pick: St. Louis

Abby Kate’s pick: St. Louis

Jackson’s pick: Philadelphia

I’m taking the Cards. Shocker. Actually, Philly has a good chance here with Wheeler and Nola lined up to start. But the Cardinals have been hot in the second half. And Pujols and Yadi.

Seattle vs. Toronto

Sunny’s pick: Toronto

Joshua’s pick: Toronto

Jason’s pick: Toronto

Abby Kate’s pick: Toronto

Jackson’s pick: Seattle

You can tell we have a contrarian in our home. It’s nice that Seattle finally broke their playoff drought, but Toronto is the superior club here.

San Diego vs. New York

Sunny’s pick: San Diego

Joshua’s pick: New York

Jason’s pick: New York

Abby Kate: New York

Jackson: San Diego

I think this could be a pretty good series, although I expect the Mets to dispatch the Padres fairly easily.

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