LOST Season Six: More Thoughts on Happily Ever After

Some more nuggets I missed in my earlier review:

  • The artwork on Widmore’s office wall in the Sideways world: a balance / scale with one side holding a white rock and the other holding a black rock.
  • Desmond seems infatuated with the boat model in Widmore’s office; it’s as if his old memories are already trying to bubble through to his consciousness.
  • Some are saying that Eloise is working in concert with MIB, perhaps in an attempt to override the Island reality where she shoots her son. Not sure if it’s true, but it would seem to make sense and gives credence to the ongoing feud between Eloise and her husband. But how sure can we be that Widmore is on Team Jacob? I guess he’s the one Jacob was referring to when he told Hurley “someone’s coming to the Island”. So that might be possible.
  • I never made mention of it, but I noticed two mirror / reflection moments for Desmond in this episode. The first happened at the very beginning of his Sideways story, as he was staring at the baggage claim sign. The other happened as he was approaching the precinct where Charlie was being released. Is this a nod to the fact that Desmond is the only one (so far) to be able to experience both realities / timelines? Perhaps his mission will be to get the rest of the 815ers to experience their second “reflection”, thereby allowing them to shuttle between both worlds or choose one over the other? It’s looking like this (or something like it) is going to be the end game for the series.
  • From my friend David: “What if back in Season 1 when Claire was dreaming that they came to take her baby she was seeing Ethan et al. in the alternate timeline?  This would also go along with the theory that some have had that John Locke was healed in the island timeline because Jack healed him in the alternate non-island timeline.  This would mean that the timelines have been interacting with each other for a while now.” Very interesting. Not sure if I buy it, but could be.
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6 Responses to LOST Season Six: More Thoughts on Happily Ever After

  1. Dylan says:

    I disagree. I think the person Jacob was talking to Hurley about bringing to the island was Desmond, not Widmore. I’m not sure if Widmore is on Team Jacob or Team MIB, he may be on his own team. He and his team are very interested in these pockets of electromagnetism on the island. I’m fascinated over what their endgame is with all that stuff. But Desmond is clearly meant to fill this role of bridging the gap between the two timelines.

  2. Jason says:

    That’s a good point. I like the idea of Desmond being summoned to the Island by Jacob….sounds a whole lot better than Jacob beckoning Widmore. Besides, we know Widmore has been hounding after the Island for years anyway.

    I’m kind of taken with this idea that Desmond will “shepherd” the castaways from the Island timeline over to the Sideways world. But if that happens, what happens to people like Aaron and Ji Yeon in the Island reality? I guess we’ll find out.

  3. Jenny says:

    I thought a few things from the episode were interesting (probably not relevant, just interesting):

    1. The similarities between the 2 worlds… when Desmond was going into the electromagnetic box on the island he was being asked if he had any metal, etc. Also when he was getting his MRI he was asked the same question… about the metal. I thought this showed a real connection between the two worlds.Interesting.

    2. I thought it was interesting about Desmond meeting Penny when she was running the steps…. just like Desmond and Jack met.

    3. What about the whole “you’re not ready yet” bit with Eloise? Does she have a conciousness of the island world? Is everything supposed to happen in a certain timeline or it throws everything else off course?

    Just little things I noticed!! 🙂 Can’t wait till next week!

    • Jason says:

      I hadn’t noticed those connections between the electromagnetic box on the Island and the same question being asked to Desmond later. But I’m especially interested in the whole “not ready yet” stuff with Eloise; what does she know about how things are “supposed” to be?

  4. Dylan says:

    I interested in Doc Jensen’s theory about that the endgame of Lost is our characters transporting their consciousness into the sideways world. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Part of me would be frustrated for all the lessons learned and redemption the castaways have found on the island to be negated by passing into this different reality. But then I liked what DJ said about it:

    “It feels to me like the directional flow modeled by Lost’s fantasy lit touchstones like the Chronicles of Narnia and The Wizard of Oz. The Sideways world is the ”ordinary world.” The Island world is the magical ”otherworld.” The adventures and lessons learned in the otherworld are meant to improve life and living in the ordinary world. Lost has tweaked and played with the formula, for sure, but I think the conventional rules still hold. I also think Lost is challenging our conception of what we define as ”the world” and ”home.” For the Island castaways, ”world” and ”home” are defined by communities of people. As I see it, the castaway migration to the Sideways world isn’t about individual escape; it’s about collective survival and flourishing.”

    • Jason says:

      I would be frustrated, too, but I would hope that the castaways would somehow have cognizance of their development and growth in certain areas, like Sawyer’s move from rogue to hero, for instance. In fact, you could probably argue that Sawyer might not have the Sideways life he currently has (cop, fighting crime, etc) if not for his heroic arc on the Island. I know he’s also motivated by the deep seeded desire to find and kill the real Sawyer (which should make for an interesting wedding day for John Locke, if Sawyer somehow makes it to the wedding!), but I would hope that the writers could somehow retain the character development they’ve worked so hard to exhibit over the past five seasons. They’re too smart to leave us high and dry there.

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