LOST Season Six: Everybody Loves Hugo

Well, we’ve reached Season Six’s most explosive episode to date. I’m talking Black-Rock-detonating, pieces-of-Ilana-on-your-shirt-dude explosive. Let’s get right to it:

The Sideways story of the episode is, of course, Hurley-centric. Nice cameo by Dr. Chang in the opening shot. Other than that, I wasn’t too enthralled by the Sideways story. I’ve never really cared for Libby, at least not as much as the general LOST populace seems to care about her. So her appearance in Hurley’s Sideways was big woop in my opinion. But it was cool to see Hurley’s “aha” moment when they kissed and he instantly downloaded the memories of their Island experience. I have to wonder: did he download their Island experience in its entirety, or just the short time he shared with Libby? If he downloaded the whole thing, that means he would have an awareness of what is happening in the Island present…at least you’d think he would. Now we have to wonder what Sideways Hurley is supposed to do with his life now that he has this information. But maybe he doesn’t do anything. Maybe this is Hurley’s “Happily Ever After”, to borrow the title of last week’s episode. And maybe that’s Desmond’s ultimate role in the Sideways world: he gets to play cosmic Santa Claus, gently nudging others to fulfill their destiny and achieve their own version of “happily ever after”. If that’s true, does that make Desmond the Sideways reality’s version of Jacob? Instead of bringing people to the Island in order for them to fulfill their destiny, is Desmond the universe’s “course correction”, a cosmic way of ensuring that people fulfill their destiny, even in a world where the previous locus of destiny fulfillment lies at the bottom of the ocean?

On the Island, Hurley continues to converse with dead people, ghosts who are “more reliable than living people” in Hugo’s mind. This time, Michael’s specter visits Hurley and cautions him against the plan to blow up the airplane. Michael’s argument has one primary appeal: people are listening to you now, Hugo. You need to think like a leader. It sure feels like Hurley is being groomed to take on a huge leadership role here in the end game. Which is really surprising, really weird, but I like it nonetheless.

Ilana. Didn’t see that one coming. Her Artz-like death bothers me; Ben articulates well the reason why: Jacob said he needed her to come back, to provide protection for our castaways. She supposedly trained for years for this moment. And then, in the blink of an eye, she was gone. It all seems so haphazard and random. It makes me wonder if Jacob knows what he’s doing or not. And whether he’s actually benevolent. Ilana’s dying words: “That thing is evil. And God help us if it ever gets off this Island.” Following Ilana’s death, Hurley goes through her things, finding the bag where she kept some of Jacob’s ashes. Not sure how that’ll factor in, but I expect it’ll be important. But how did Hurley know those ashes were Jacob’s?

In the aftermath of the Black Rock explosion, I realized just how much Nestor Carbonell (Richard) looks like Chris Siedman. Non Church of Christ readers, that reference will mean nothing to you.

We had the appearance of another little boy while someone was trekking with Locke through the forest; first it was Sawyer, now Desmond. Different boys in each, though; Sawyer’s was blond, Desmond’s had much darker hair. Are these manifestations of Sawyer and Desmond as young boys? I’m guessing not, because (obviously) they would recognize themselves if they were. But what else could it be? Is this kid just another “lost soul” or whatever?

The WHISPERS! One of the show’s longest standing mysteries was explained tonight. In his conversation with Michael, Hurley unpacks a mythological mystery that dates back to the earliest part of Season 1. Here’s their exchange:

Hurley: “You’re stuck on the Island, aren’t you?”

Michael: “Because of what I did.”

Hurley: “And there are others out here like you, aren’t there? That’s what the whispers are?”

Michael: “Yeah? We’re the ones that can’t move on.”

Personally, I’m satisfied. Some will clamor for more information: Is the whispering community made up of ghosts? Lost souls? People in purgatory? Who knows. I’m cool with a little mystique because the mystery has been clarified to an acceptable degree.

Jack’s moment of surrender. My favorite moment in the whole episode. By his own admission, Jack has a hard time “learning to let go.” From the moment we first saw him burning bodies out of the wreckage of 815, Jack has been a chronic Mr. Fix It. But not anymore. We first see this as the group is deliberating to whether or not to go pursue more dynamite. jack doesn’t think it’s a good idea, until Hugo steps up and says, “Trust me, Jack.” But more importantly, Jack chooses to follow Hurley on their journey to go talk to Locke. It seems that Jack was constantly “trusting” Hurley in the Island world. I hate to admit it, but I’m feeling more and more that Jack’s “let go / go with the flow” personality shift may ultimately lead to his demise. I’m wondering if he’ll end up being “a sacrifice the Island demanded”.

Interesting contrast between Sideways Hurley and Island Desmond. When prodded by his mother as to why he doesn’t date, Hurley says, “I’m not scared.” In reality, he is scared of dating because he doesn’t consider himself worthy of someone’s affection because of his appearance. Back in the Island world, Locke detects a lack of fear in Desmond just before he tosses him down the well shaft. Clearly a healthy sense of fear would’ve served Des well, but then again, when did Desmond ever have reason to be afraid of John Locke? Can Smokey detect fear? He seemed perplexed that Desmond wasn’t afraid. Not sure what to make of all of that. And in their initial conversation after Locke had cut Desmond’s ropes, Locke extends his hand out to Desmond to help him up. As best I can recall, Locke has been extending his hand to a lot of people lately, but Desmond is the only one I can remember who actually took it. Of course, we know this turned out to be a bad move. But now I wonder: will Desmond have the chance to “turn the donkey wheel” down there? I sure hope not.

Is the fact that Sayid didn’t kill Zoe last week proof that he hasn’t completely “turned”? I know he told Locke he couldn’t “feel” anything recently, but maybe all is not lost for our tortured torturer.

I am REAAALLLLYYYYYY worried about the look on Locke’s face when he noticed Jack striding into camp. It was a look of surprised satisfaction, like when the mouse you’ve been wanting to catch for so long finally decided to start sniffin’ the cheese. (That’s the most ridiculous sentence I’ve written in a long time, but you get the point.)

The episode concluded with what I think may be the most significant development of the episode: Desmond’s hit-and-run attempt to murder Sideways Locke. Is this proof that Sideways Desmond still doesn’t understand who MIB is and that he’s assumed the form of Locke on the Island? Or does this mean that Desmond believes he can somehow thwart Island Locke / MIB’s plans by claiming the life of Sideways John? Or is there some other factor in play here? Is Desmond doing this because of some nefarious “you’re supposed to do this” prodding by Eloise or Widmore? Who knows?

Did Hurley have a “mirror” moment in the Sideways? If so, I missed it.

Favorite lines:
Sawyer, spoken to Locke: “You talk to wood now?”

Hurley: “I don’t have to prove anything to you, Richard. You can either come with me or you can keep trying to blow stuff up. Your call, dude.”

Hurley: “So, how do you break the ice with a smoke monster?”

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8 Responses to LOST Season Six: Everybody Loves Hugo

  1. Jenny says:

    I thought it was a good episode… curious about the whole “running over John Locke with the car” thing. Did anyone else tire of Sawyer asking Locke all the time, “where are you going”, “where have you been”, etc?

  2. lanewidick says:

    I feel like MIB or Jacob, one of the two, is using Michael to manipulate Hugo. Michael told him he was a leader, and now Hugo finally believes it. I just get the sense that Lock/MIB/Smokey is manipulating the voices/Michael to bring the beach people to the former temple people. I could be totally off, but that was my first hunch.

    I believe that Locke’s look of surprise when he saw Jack was because he didn’t think it would be so easy to attract Jack.

    Its painful to watch Sun’s response when she does a quick looksie to see if Jin is with the Locke crew, only to remain separated. Had she listened to Richard and Ben, she would be in sweet reunion soon.

    I don’t like the little boy that keeps popping up to remind Locke of the rules. He creeps me out.

    I thought Richard was Chris Siedman. Its not?

    • Jason says:

      Something isn’t right with Michael. Just before he died, I thought Christian appeared to him and told him “You can go now.” Then the freighter exploded. But apparently, he wasn’t able to “leave”. Maybe MIB is somehow manipulating Michael, but then again, MIB looked legitimately surprised when he saw Jack walk into camp. So I don’t know.

  3. Brandon says:

    I find it curious how we are down to just a handful of episodes and we just now have the story of Hurley. Makes me feel he will play a large role in the final outcome. I agree the ‘sideways’ story was a bit blah. I’m surprised with the importance of Desmond that no one from the Widmore party has shown up. I was also shocked on Ilana’s explosive ending. I think the producers just wanted to try to shock us or begin cutting the roster. Which makes me wonder if this doesn’t start a chain event of deaths. I have a feeling Pilot Man will be the next to go.
    Funny line: Hugo telling Desmond about his ‘blind date’
    Hugo: No, she is awesome except she is totally crazy.
    Desmond: Well all women are a little bit crazy, Brother.
    ( I bet Penny would frown on that response.)

  4. Jason says:

    I think you’re right, Brandon. I expect Hurley to play a huge role here in the end game. Not sure if he’ll become the “new” Jacob or what, but regardless, he’s a major player now. Very cool.

  5. Dylan says:

    It’s amazing that after over 110 episodes, this show still has the ability to shock and surprise us SEVERAL times (there were at least 4 “WHAT??!!??” moments) while also giving us a heartfelt, emotional episode with character growth and plenty of mythology. Great episode.

    However, the Illana explosion was annoying. I know the writers like to keep us on our toes and tell us that everyone is fair game, and the stakes are high. But we already knew that. We’ve known that anyone could die at any point since Dr. Arzt. The explosion was good entertainment, and I was definitely shocked. But I became invested in this character last season when I saw she was one of the very few who Jacob actually talked to, so she must be significant (or should have been). And I was hoping that that investment would be paid off by some importance. At least her death could have been sacrificial for a greater purpose instead of just random chaos for shock value. Why add central characters at this late stage in the game if you’re just going to kill them off for no reason? It’s the same thing they did with Dogan and Lennon. When I go back and watch the season 6 dvd’s, I’m not going to care anything about those guys. And I won’t care anything about Illana now. So why waste my time? All those Illana scenes could have been Richard or Ben or any other character who is much more compelling. Okay, rant over.

  6. Dylan says:

    With Desmond, it’s clear now that we don’t have the whole story with him. At first I thought all his actions could be explained from what we saw in Happily Ever After. But he must be cognizant of more information than we realize. Are the sideways-Desmond and Island Desmond merged into the same person that flashes back and forth the way he did in the Constant? Or are they two separate entities? If they are separate, than something more than we realized happened when they fainted from Penny’s handshake/electormagnetic test. They both seem to know more information than was given to us in Happily Ever After, which makes Island Des unafraid and Sideways Des have this complex plan that involves running over Locke.

    Or maybe (I just thought of this!) he’s setting up a reunion at the hospital. Sun and Jin are on their way. Locke and Ben will be on their way. Maybe Claire’s still there. Maybe Kate shoots Sawyer. Paging Dr. Shepherd anyone?

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