LOST: Putting It All Together, Vol. 2

In the weeks since LOST’s finale, I find myself continuing to process the implications of what we’ve seen. I wrote last week about the nature of the Sideways world; that part seemed a little easier to synthesize in light of the finale. Next, I plan on writing about the nature of the Island, which I’m finding is a much more daunting task. Basically, we only had one season to try and understand the nature of the Sideways; but taking a look at six years of Island story and trying to systemitize it is more of a challenge.

But it’s a challenge that I’m up for, albeit in time. So while my “What is the Island?” post continues to percolate, I submit to you the latest installment of Doc Jensen over at EW. Doc — like me — continues to be smitten with this little sci-fi saga and he’s written a couple thousand words on the Island, Desmond, Jack, and how the castaways’ time traveling hi jinks from last season were integral to the storyline. I’m not sure I completely agree with his assessment, but it makes for an interesting read on a balmy Monday. Enjoy.

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