Most Dangerous

Trying to start a dialogue here (although FB is probably the better format for this). But I’m curious: what’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? Just curious.

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5 Responses to Most Dangerous

  1. JamesBrett says:

    i once snuck into burma (myanmar) past guards with automatic weapons along a double chainlink fence with barbed wire. i asked some locals (chinese) if there was any place to get across the border, and they told me the fence ends in a river. so i followed the fence to the river, got in and swam around the fence to the other side. i was there 30 minutes tops, took some pictures, and swam back. i could see the guards from where i was, but they were a good half-mile away. i’m not sure why they don’t put them a little closer to that river…?

  2. lanewidick says:

    Not sure I can beat the above one, mine is related to you though.

    The summer before you got married, I was still working at Mid South Youth Camp. I would wake up every day, Monday through Saturday at 5:30 am, work all day long in the hot west Tennessee heat and humidity, and finally go to bed around 1 am or so. Friday nights we would end up staying up later because each week the kids were more excited on Fridays because it was their last night.

    You had a tool party for your wedding, and since I was your best man, I felt it necessary to be there. I asked for permission to be off on Saturday morning, and was told I could leave after everything was over on Friday night. I got in the car on Friday evening at 2 am, drove 3 hours from Henderson to Lebanon, and probably almost drove off the road 20 times. I remember getting home, and not remembering how I got there…that’s how exhausted I was. Probably not the smartest, but certainly the dumbest and most dangerous.

  3. David says:

    After your talk Sunday I had DecemberRadio’s “Dangerous” stuck in my head!

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