Mark 3

Reading for Wednesday, Oct 10: Mark 3

As Jesus continues His ministry, He heals people of a variety of infirmities, including demon possession. This is perhaps one of the clearest demonstrations of His power to wage war “in the heavenly realms” as Paul will phrase it in Ephesians. Verses 11-12 tell us that on such occasions, the unclean spirits would see him and bow down, crying out, “You are the Son of God!” Even these demonic forces confess what all creation is longing and groaning to express: the sovereign lordship of Jesus (Romans 8; Philippians 2).

This is the ultimate point of decision the Gospel moves us all toward. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is named in v29 as the eternal sin, the unforgivable sin. Why? Because it entails a willful, decisive judgment that the work of the Spirit on Christ’s behalf is satanic. This is precisely what is happening in the context of Mark 3. And today, how often is Jesus perceived as a great teacher, as a moral example, as a spiritual guru? But this stops short of the ultimate reality. Paul says that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess the lordship of Christ. The only grievance that remains outstanding is to reject this truth that all creation is working toward.

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