Things I Want to Remember: Vol 21 (Super Tiger to the Rescue)

Super Tiger to the Rescue

Super Tiger to the Rescue

Joshua wrote this short story the other day for Jackson. It’s called Super Tiger to the Rescue. I’m preserving it here, spelling and all, with my translation notes in parentheses. I smell another Hollywood blockbuster superhero-origin-story here.

Once ther lived an tiger he was like an enny (any) other tiger. One sunny day he was in the rainforist looking fore some food then he saw a rabit he crouched down weaied (I have no idea) to jump on it eat fore dinner when it got quiet he jumped at the rabiet he bared his teeth. But the rabiet with it’s eye’s full of fear leaped away and the tiger hit the ground hard. His ankel was in pain he looked back and saw that his ankel had ben twsided (twisted) and cout (caught) in a net with thorns. Then a hunter with a shotgun cam up to the tiger. “Hey! Bill come fast!” Then a man came up to and saw that the tiger had ben cout (caught) in ther new net he took a hunting knife and cut the rope the tiger tried to get up but his ankel was hurt bad.

One day latter (later) the young tiger woke up and got his leg cut of (off). But a man cam in with a wite (white) coat and put a mettel (metal) leg on him and the tiger got a cape. Now known as SUPER TIGER!


More Supper (Super) Hero books coming soon!


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