2013: Looking Back

As I write this, there is exactly one hour remaining in 2013. I guess it’s human nature to look back and reflect on the year that has passed. To be honest, I’m glad to see this year draw to a close. It’s been a hard year. In February we were jolted by the unexpected death of Sunny’s brother, Roger. In July, we lost Sunny’s father, Alan, after a lengthy battle with ALS. To say we’ve been grieving this year would be an understatement. Loss is always difficult, but there’s nothing quite like the death of a family member. I suppose we’ve been even more aware of these losses these past few weeks as we’ve gone through our first holiday without them. We can look back to our Christmas pictures from last year and there’s Roger and Alan together.

This year, only a void.

But this has also been a year of unexpected blessing. Sunny and her entire family have shown such strength in the midst of these trying circumstances. They have honored these beloved men by faithfully holding to the promises of God, promises of resurrection and restoration. Anytime you learn those lessons, you have to count that as a blessing.

I’ve also been blessed to see my children grow in their faith this year. The questions they ask are sometimes difficult, even for me to answer. But they’re also asking the kinds of questions that let me know their faith is becoming their own. I’ve already resolved myself to the fact that my children will think about and practice their faith much differently than I do; and watching that come to fruition right before my eyes is something special. Lots of people are fearful about the future; I’m not one of those people. I’m excited about what God is doing to express His Kingdom through this next generation of disciples.

The lessons we’ve learned in 2013 will not be soon forgotten. As we shift into 2014, I’m praying for the year of the Lord’s favor. I’m praying that we’ll come to know Jesus more fully and more tangibly in the next 12 months. And I’m praying that our grief becomes a springboard toward greater faith, hope, and love.

Happy New Year

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4 Responses to 2013: Looking Back

  1. Linda Smith says:

    Happy New Year, Jason and to your sweet family. Thank you so much for all you do daily for your Mayfair family. We love you more and more. You and Sonny are such good examples to us. May God bless you all with a wonderful 2014!!!
    Love, Linda Smith

  2. Patty Smith says:

    I cannot begin to tell you how much you have inspired me to seek a deeper and fuller relationship with Jesus and my God. You challenge me constantly by your lessons from the pulpit, the words you share in your blog, the heartfelt and personal sharings about your family, the example of a Christian servant that you are, and by the deep and solid faith I have witnessed from the words, public prayers and life details of your children. Thank you, Jason, for the blessing of having you, Sunny, and your precious family in our lives. Praying for God to continue to use and mold you so beautifully for the Mayfair family. Love, Patty Smith

  3. Lindsey Bell says:

    Love your posts, Jason 🙂

  4. Kylie says:

    Stumbled onto your blog by chance. 2013 was a tough year for me too as I lost my father and a really dear friend. But thanks for sharing this and for being real with your life, I am so encouraged by your walk with Christ. May He continue to quieten your hearts with His love. ♥

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