NFL Picks: Wild Card Round

Every year, each member of our family picks winners for the NFL playoff games. It’s fun because it gives us something to talk about together and we can rag each other if our picks fall through. Plus, Sunny or Abby Kate usually wins the whole thing despite not knowing much about any of the teams, proving that all such forecasting is a total crapshoot.

Still, it’s lots of fun. With an hour to go before kickoff on Wild Card Saturday, here are the Bybee family picks for the games this weekend:

Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers

Abby Kate: Panthers

Jackson: Panthers

Joshua: Cardinals

Sunny: Cardinals

Jason: Panthers

If the Cardinals weren’t down to their 3rd string QB, I’d probably take them in this game. But they haven’t scored more than 20 points in nearly 2 months and I can’t believe in Ryan Lindley. On the road. In the playoffs. With this running game. Of course, it’s not as if the Panthers don’t have a few warts, too. After all, this is a team that went 60-something days in between wins. A team that lost to New Orleans, Atlanta, and Minnesota. Come to think of it, this might be one of the least compelling playoff games ever. But somebody’s gotta win it. I’m taking Carolina at home with Cam Newton having a great game.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers

Abby Kate: Steelers

Jackson: Steelers

Joshua: Steelers

Sunny: Steelers

Jason: Steelers

Looks like this is a clean sweep. I’ll tell you, if Le’Veon Bell weren’t injured, I don’t think this one would even be close. As it is, I still like Big Ben and the Steelers receivers at home. Rivalry game and it looks like the weather could be nasty, making this the can’t miss game of the weekend for me.

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts

Abby Kate: Colts

Jackson: Colts

Joshua: Colts

Sunny: Bengals

Jason: Colts

I originally picked the Bengals because I thought A.J. Green would eventually play. But with the news that he is definitely out tomorrow, I’m leaning Indy’s way now. The Colt defense is still a bit too Jekkyl and Hyde for my liking, but without Green, the Bengal attack isn’t quite as imposing. I think this one could end up being the closest game of the weekend. With no A.J., I’m picking Indy in a tight one.

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys

Abby Kate: Cowboys

Jackson: Cowboys

Joshua: Cowboys

Sunny: Cowboys

Jason: Cowboys

I don’t see how you can believe in Matthew Stafford on the road against a good opponent at this point. Until he proves something, I think you have to think Dallas can take care of business at home. Yes, I realize I’m saying that I’m trusting Tony Romo to win a playoff game here. But like I said with the Panthers / Cards game, somebody’s gotta win. Smart money is on the home team.

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