2016 All-Star Ballot

Here’s my ballot for the 2016 MLB All-Star Game. I always try to vote objectively, only casting my ballot for the players I consider to be the most deserving at each position. This was especially hard in the National League, because I’d really like to see Yadier Molina and Bryce Harper in the starting lineup. What sort of All Star Game would it be without these guys? But my personal history won’t let me be a homer here. I’m sticking with the most deserving players based on their season totals so far.

Here’s my ballot for the American League:

C Salvador Perez

1B Eric Hosmer

2B Jose Altuve

SS Xander Bogaerts

3B Manny Machado

OF Mike Trout

OF Ian Desmond

OF Mark Trumbo

DH David Ortiz

I thought about Encarnacion over Ortiz, but it’s pretty close and this is our last chance to cheer for Big Papi in an All Star Game. You could also make a case for Cano over Altuve, but Altuve’s unexpected first half power surge gives him the edge. Ian Desmond will likely be a reserve, but he’s deserving of a starting nod.

And now my National League ballot:

C Wilson Ramos

1B Paul Goldschmidt

2B Daniel Murphy

SS Trevor Story

3B Nolan Arenado

OF Carlos Gonzalez

OF Miguel Ozuna

OF Starling Marte

Let’s hope this Cubs foolishness doesn’t come to fruition. You could really flip a coin between Rizzo and Goldy; I prefer Goldy, but wouldn’t argue with Rizzo. And I understand the Kris Bryant infatuation, although Nolan Arenado is actually better in every facet of the game.

But Ben Zobrist over Daniel Murphy? Seriously? And Addison Russell? Have you seen the guy’s numbers? He’s this year’s Omar Infante. It’s really a shame, because one of the brilliant triad of NL rookie shortstops (Aledmys Diaz, Trevor Story, Corey Seager) is likely to be left off the roster due to Russell’s inane inclusion.

It’s doubtful that any of my NL outfielders will win starting roles, but I think they’re all more deserving than the current contenders. If Ozuna is left off the roster, it’ll be a travesty.

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