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January Media Review

If you spend any amount of time reading this blog, you know how much I enjoy books, music, movies, etc. For my fellow pop culture enthusiasts, I thought I’d start a monthly review of some of the best things I’m … Continue reading

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We’re All Geeks

Over the weekend, I finally witnessed the female equivalent to the Star Wars geekboy level of fandom. At Target on Friday, I’m nearly mauled by a wild pack of teenage girls, each of them fully decked out in officially licensed … Continue reading

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Yankee Irving / Cardinal Joshua

Tonight we watched one of our favorite movies, Everyone’s Hero. This has been one of my favorites for the past year or so. And tonight I finally figured out why.

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Cher to play the Catwoman in the next Batman flick? Yikes! You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ll admit, a year ago I probably would’ve doubted that Heath Ledger could play an adequate Joker (and, boy, would I have been … Continue reading

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Movie Duds

Well, I should’ve listened to my friends. We saw Indiana Jones Friday night and it was terrible. Aliens? Really?? But I saw The Happening last night with some friends and I thought it was a little better. Of course, considering … Continue reading

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Media Roundup, June ’08

I haven’t done a books / music / movies post lately, so here are my random thoughts about my latest media consumption. BooksI read two books last week: William P. Young’s The Shack and Three Nights in August by Buzz … Continue reading

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Indy 4?

Anybody seen it yet? At first, I was excited; then I saw the previews and it just didn’t seem right (that and the lousy title); but then I think, “It’s Indiana Jones. It’s gotta be worth seeing.” I’m wondering if … Continue reading

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A Week’s Worth Condensed Into One Post

I should probably go ahead and let you know that things will probably be pretty boring here at Already & Not Yet this week. I’m planning on taking some vacation time and it’s doubtful that the blog will receive much … Continue reading

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Desert Island Movies

Last night’s Academy Awards got me thinking about all of my favorite movies. Sunny and I don’t get to watch as many as we did back in the day, but we still love watching movies. And I have several that … Continue reading

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Random Ramblings

I enjoyed my day off today. Got in a little Christmas shopping during the first part of the day. Sunny and I got a few things for the kids and then I peeled off to shop for her. I still … Continue reading

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