LOST Season Six: Radiohead and Espanol

The producers of LOST have asked ABC not to show ANY of the footage from the upcoming Season Six in any of the promo ads. The producers want to keep as much of this season under wraps as possible; even the slightest screen shot might give away something.

So…..we’re left with promos like the one I posted yesterday — a montage of previously released footage set to music. Same thing with this one (again, don’t worry….it doesn’t reveal anything new), only this promo is way cooler. I mean, how could you top this Spanish-speaking narrator with Radiohead playing in the background?

Enjoy, LOST fanatics.

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2 Responses to LOST Season Six: Radiohead and Espanol

  1. Dylan says:

    Hey, here’s a good Lindelof interview about the final season:

    Also, this is a discussion of some big name tv critics about Lost’s legacy and what they want in the final season. Interesting read:


  2. Jason says:

    I’d read the Lindelof interview somewhere a couple weeks back (I think). But I hadn’t come across that other link. Thanks for sharing.

    Those TV critcs asked a good question: what do you expect out of LOST’s final season? I think I’m much more interested in the character side of things, as opposed to some of the mythology. I mean, I think we need to have a great deal of the mythology explained and all of that, but I’m much more interested in seeing how this plays out for our characters, which ones make it to the end, etc.

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