The Crucifixion by Nikolai Ge

This might be my new favorite piece of passion art. So powerful.

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He Has Become

For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

2 Corinthians 5:21

We are told that the Messiah knew no sin. He never acted out of his fleshly nature, never reached for the forbidden fruit, never defied the will of God. He stands sinless.


Morally pure.


But for our sake, he was transformed. Though he knew no sin, he has BECOME sin.

The spotless one has become blemished.

The pure one has become our defilements.

The perfect one has become our imperfections.

This means Jesus has become the grotesqueries we so desperately seek to cover and hide. He has become the secret, the shame, that which we dare not even whisper. He has become the sinful cancer infecting us that we have not yet even acknowledged. He has willingly become even this, for he has become sin.

He has become pride.



















He has BECOME sin.

My sin.

Your sin.

Our sin.

And this so that we might become something else — that we might become the righteousness of God.

Praise the One who has become, that we might become.

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At the Movies

I find it funny that the Downton Abbey listing is followed by Rambo: Last Blood. Guess which one we’re seeing? 😀

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Found this picture on my phone. I think one of my kids took this extreme closeup of Sadie, our little furball who clearly needs a haircut!

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Make My Heart Fertile

Yeshua asks me…

what keeps your heart fertile?

what keeps it soft?


filled with love?

And I don’t have a good answer at first.

I’m not sure my heart is always fertile. Instead it sometimes feels like hard, dry, rocky soil.

But he asks nonetheless…

what keeps your heart fertile?

And in the asking, he exposes the condition of my heart.

What keeps my heart fertile?

For now…

…it is HIS question,

…it is THIS question.

Make my heart fertile, O Lord.

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Walter Wink on the power of the cross

As the structures of value and normative behavior in this age, wisdom and law are the powers that regulate existence for Gentile and Jew respectively. They are symbolic abbreviations of what the civilized and religious world considers its highest values. But neither can withstand the cross, which unmasks the folly of wisdom and the lawlessness of law.

Walter Wink, Naming the Powers
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Wood Bat Single

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